Hello, you finally clicked on the right spot, or didn't you?

You see, there is a butterfly on one side of the key and on the other side there is a shape that looks like a printed circuit.  Nature on one hand and machine on the other!  How can you tell the difference.  By the shape, I would think, since you cannot sense the texture or anything else.  You cannot smell it, you cannot taste it, you cannot touch it. 

Choosing the butterfly is the natural thing to do.  Most people, I would venture to guess, would do that.  Butterflies are nice.  They look pretty, they are harmless, delicate creatures that everybody likes.

On the other hand a printed circuit is not everybody's cup of tea.

But why?  If you care to look close to a butterfly's wing you might realise that the structure looks a lot like a printed circuit.  The colours on the wings are nothing but a decoration.  They serve no purpose whatsoever except, of course, to attract the interested parties.

I would say you were prejudiced when you clicked on the butterfly.  Convince me otherwise ...

Good night